Few things are as precious as the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Kauffman Jewelry was founded aiming at forging a similar connection with people by creating signet rings, inspired by this unique bond. 


    These are pieces made of sterling silver and recycled gold, which have the COP (Code of Practices) certificate granted by Sikno Jewellery, providing customers with a unique product which also contributes to various social and environmental causes. 




    Kauffman Jewelry is an English and Spanish-rooted brand, which advocates the industry from an inspirational point of view, with values, ethics and authenticity. 


    We make a limited production of each model because we believe in the importance of individual identity in a globalized world, making each of our signet rings a unique and special piece. 


    For the purchase of each ring, a quarterly contribution of 3% of the profits will be made to different associations. Thus, the Whistledown collection will donate the percentage collected to 4ocean, an organization devoted to cleaning the oceans, while the Heart collection will do the same with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. 




    I founded Kauffman as a tribute to my grandmother and her family name. She was English, with a natural talent for dressing and making very special combinations of garments and accessories, and a tremendously elegant, refined and modern person. It was she who one day gave me a signet ring as a sign of identity. It was a totally unique and special piece, like all the ones I now design for my clients. 


    I speak in the past tense because sadly the signet ring is no longer in my possession. Losing it led me to begin a long search to find something like it, but I never came across what I was looking for. 


    I studied Fine Arts and have always worked in the fashion industry, so creativity has been very present in my day to day life. My fascination for jewelry and especially for those special pieces that, in many cases, are inherited, such as signet rings due to family ties, was the reason that led me in 2022 to create my own brand, inspired by my relationship with my grandmother and her English roots. 

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